The Waiting List Explained

Newfypoos & Cavapoos

We reserve the right to refuse the sale of a puppy. We reserve the right to have first pick of a puppy if we choose.

Here is how our Waiting List works (different than most)

How our Waiting List is different-

1-Able to join as many lists with one (1) $300 Non-Refundable Deposit

2-Waiting List is only specified by generation/size NOT per litter

3-Prices are locked at time of deposit for UP TO 2 years

(you pay the price you see at time of Waiting List Deposit if Litter Deposit is placed before 2 years is up)

4-NO time limit on Waiting List


For time frames see the Litters page-find litters that are 'open'

1-Read through the pages (clicking next on each page) until you reach the Puppy Application.

2-Request to join the Facebook group. If you do not have Facebook please create one just to join the group. This is the main method of communication for our litters.

3-I will call you (usually withing 24 hours) if accepted 

4-At that point, you will place the $300 Non-Refundable Deposit (applies to the final price of the puppy). The Waiting List Deposit Contract will be attached to your confirmation email. Fill this out (actual document will be a fillable form, no need to print) and email it back. Once I fill out our information, you will be added to the Waiting List(s).

5-I post updates in the Facebook group about the litters, be active

Once the Puppies are Born

1-I will contact each person on the Waiting List in order, you have 2 options

Option 1

2-pass on the litter, remain in the same position on the Waiting List, wait until the next litter to be contacted

Option 2

2-pick a gender and color of the puppy you'd like to reserve

3-place the Litter Deposit ($300 Refundable -10%) to secure your puppy.You now have $600 applied to the final price.

4-after Litter Deposit is placed you will be removed from the Waiting List

5-if there is multiple of the same gender and color, you will choose which one when they're 5-6 weeks old (we have more of an idea of temperament, coat, structure, and more) this IS NOT size predictions DO NOT pick the largest puppy because you want a large puppy, that is 100% false

6-this is in order of the Waiting List that chose that particular color and gender (ex. first pick out of the three merle males) this is done through photos, videos, FaceTime, and/or visits if you're able to

7-IF you don't find a puppy in the litter you placed the LITTER DEPOSIT, you can ask for a refund ($300 -10%, $30=$270 refund) and you will go back to your original position on the Waiting List(s) you were on

Pictures are taken every week. We frequently post on our Instagram Story (links to Facebook Story too)