Recommended products for your puppy

products your puppy will come with.

Small Transition Bag

Puppies will come with a small amount of food. Can be used to transition if needed.

AKC Reunite

Puppies will come microchipped. Includes prepaid lifetime enrollment ($33 value) All info linked

Kong Bag

-New Pet Parent Information

-KONG tote bag

-KONG treat sample

Recommended products to get.

Lamb & Rice Puppy

We've fed this for many years now. All the puppies love it. We transition to Purina Savor Beef & Rice as adults.

Wire Crate

We highly recommend crate training. Make sure to get a divider/separator for your puppy. The crate will last longer. 

Crate Bed

Inexpensive, but durable, crate bed, machine washable. There's many other bed options as well.

Exercise Pen

Heavy duty for large dogs. Use as addition to crate while training. Indoor/Outdoor. Expensive but durable.

Slopper Stopper

Necessity for Newfypoos. Avoids wet beards and dripping water everywhere.


Kongs are excellent for dogs. Gives puppies something to chew on. Can assist while crate training.


We give our dogs Revolution. Flea & Heartworm Prevention. 

*Depends on size of dog

Personalized ID

Puppies will be microchipped, but its always good to be extra careful.

Milk-Bone Puffs

Basic treats, our dogs love these. Watch size of treats compared to dog size and amount given.

Metal Comb

Must have for keeping coats mat-free between grooms.


Slicker brushes are amazing. Especially this one.

HV Blow Dryer

Speeds up blow drying a lot, especially with long coats.


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