Shipping & Delivery Options

Although we always prefer meeting our future puppy families, it's not always possible. We have a few options available.

Preferred Methods:

Pickup-pick your puppy up at 8 weeks. Meet the parents (we do not always own the stud, may not be able to see). You will also be able to see the littermates (if not picked up already).

Meet-we will meet within a reasonable distance depending on location. If we have multiple puppies going the same direction we will drive further. Usually no cost for this but discussed individually.

Deliver-depending on our schedule going on around the time puppies are 8 weeks old, we may be able to deliver your puppy to you. Additional fee varies by distance. This is not always an option, please contact us for more details.

Meet at Cleveland or Canton/Akron airport-ONLY available for Mini Newfypoos & Cavapoos! At no additional cost we will meet you at the airport with your puppy. You can then travel back with your puppy in cabin.

Flight Nanny-ONLY available for Mini Newfypoos & Cavapoos! We will arrange a flight nanny to meet you at an airport with your puppy. Additional cost $300-500

Other Options:

Delivery-we can arrange a Ground Transporter to deliver your puppy to your house. This may take a few days to complete depending on distance. Usually $200-500.

Airline-LEAST preferred method. ONLY for Standard Newfypoos. Standard Newfypoo puppies have to go in cargo because of their size. This is weather dependent (can't be too hot or too cold). Although we've had 100% success, we don't like placing our puppies in this stressful situation. This is our last resort if no other options are available. Additional cost $300-600