Frequently Asked Questions

Newfypoo Questions

Why a Newfypoo?

If you're considering a doodle, Newfypoos are a great choice for a number of reasons. The Newfoundland name 'Gentle Giant' applies to the Newfypoos as well. With a Newfypoo, you get the size of a Newfoundland but with low to no shedding. This breed is also great with kids. Compared to other doodle breeds, Newfypoos energy is highly desired. They have a calm and lazy personality, like the Newfoundlands. Each dog varies, obviously, but most are known to be calm.

Do I get a male or female Newfypoo?

When considering a puppy, most people already know if they want male or female based on past/current dogs they've had, and some don't have a preference. The number one consideration is size. Our male dogs have almost always been larger than the females within the same litter (example: 100 lb, 105 lb, & 120 lb females vs 130 lb male). Other than that, determine the cost of spay/neuter (required in our health guarantee) spay is more expensive. There's many websites and other resources with much more information to help you make a decision.

What is the current time on the Waiting List?

View the actual Waiting List for the F1 Standard, F1b Standard, & the Mini lists. Correspond that with the litters page where you'll see when we expect litters and if they're available/reserved. We never guarantee a specific litter when you'll get a puppy.

Do Newfypoos shed?

A very common question. I've seen many doodle breeders (mostly newer breeders) guarantee no shedding. We do not guarantee no shedding. Here are the reasons. The generations vary. Our experience with our F1 Newfypoos -most low to no shedding. All that's usually found is 'dust bunnies or cotton balls'. A few of our puppy owners have allergies, see the testimonials -only a few that shed. By shed I don't mean like a purebred Newfy. F1b Newfypoos -with being 75% Poodle, these puppies are almost, almost guaranteed not to shed. Things to consider: 1. Length of coat-a short coat will obviously have less hair left behind if there's a little shedding. 2. Brushing/combing schedule-daily brushing and combing (especially combing) will help immensely. Even while grooming our Newfypoos (Indi F1 & Rosebud reverse F1b) I get a lot of hair on the comb. I think of it similar to us humans. We don't 'shed', but we have hair on our brushes. 3. Grooming schedule-groomers do an amazing job when they groom any dog. If kept on a regular schedule you won't notice much shedding with the Newfypoos. 4. Puppies coats will change and this may cause shedding as they transition. Be aware of this! If you have severe allergies, I recommend getting an adult Newfypoo (coat won't change) rather than a puppy, you could be allergic to it. It would be best to just get a Poodle, they are amazing dogs too. If just mild allergies, visit a few doodles, Newfypoos would be great. An F1b would be highy desired with allergies. Review our testimonals for specifics on shedding and allergies.

What size are Newfypoos full grown?

This varies on the parents. On average I estimate the F1 puppies to be 80-120 lbs for females and 100-140 lbs for the males. For the F1b its around 65-100 lbs. We'll have more of an idea once those puppies are full grown. The Mini Newfypoos are average 30-60 lbs. For a closer idea, visit the litters page to see each litter's estimate. We do not guarantee size.

Do Newfypoos need groomed?

Yes!! We get ours groomed every 6 weeks (the same as our Poodles). The reason being their hair never stops growing. Specifically a sanitary trim. Its highly recommended to get your puppy used to the grooming. We give them baths and use the high velocity blow dryer to help them experience it. Keep this going when you get your puppy. Even if you don't want to trim their hair, they can go to the groomers for a bath. Please, do not wait until they're 6 months old to have their first visit to the groomer. This is not good for the groomer, puppy, or yourself as you may pay a much higher bill. One more thing-KEEP YOUR DOG BRUSHED REGULARLY. Cutting them short is perfectly fine, avoids matts. If your preference is to keep their coat long, make sure your brush them. Look up line brushing, extremely important if you don't want your Newfypoo shaved the next time they go to the groomer. Common places for matts: behind ears, 'armpits', and legs/feet.

What is F1 & F1b which should I get?

This question is very common in the doodle world, it is very confusing to understand at first. Basically, it explains the generation of the puppy, the percentages of each breed. With each generation the puppies will express different structrues based on the percentages of each breed. F1 Newfypoo- Newfoundland x Poodle 50% Newfoundland, 50% Poodle F1b Newfypoo- Newfypoo x Poodle 25% Newfoundland, 75% Poodle Reverse F1b Newfypoo- Newfoundland x Newfypoo 75% Newfoundland x 25% Poodle F2 Newfypoo- Newfypoo x Newfypoo 50% Newfoundland, 50% Poodle When looking for a breeder-find one that has the larger dog as the female NOT the other way around if the difference is size is over 20 lbs. Basically-the dad is always the Poodle. I do not like to see the Poodle as a mom and the Newfoundland as the dad. Please be aware the reverse F1b and the F2 generations are what I consider 'dangerous generations'. This is simply because with the reverse F1b, the puppies have the chance to look like a poorly bred Newfoundland and shed like a Newfoundland. You won't see any Poodle in them, they won't have furnishings (hair on the muzzle). The same goes for the F2 generation. Except this generation the puppies could also look like a pure Poodle, very curly coats.