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Norman has been easy since day one! He’s the sweetest, most laid back dog I’ve ever had. I had to do very little training with him. I’m allergic to dogs and I do very well with him. He doesn’t shed at all, but does drool (just has a constant wet beard if it’s long). I bought a slopper stopper bowl and keep his beard short and it’s not really a problem anymore! I get him groomed about every two months because when his coat is longer, he brings in a lot of dirt from outside. I do daycare and have my own 4 year old and he does great with kids. My 4 year old can walk him on the leash and he stays right by him. Lets my son lay, hug, wrestle, pretty much whatever with no complaint from Norman. He’s a big boy! He weighs close to 100 pounds and can easily rest his chin on the kitchen counter (but never steals food because he’s a good boy).


—  Norman, F1 Standard Newfypoo, MN, Feb 2017

Each dog information: - [name] norman, [generation & breed] F1 standard newfypoo, [state] mn, [ownership month & year] feb 2017.

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