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Dog Quarters

Our dogs have their own space. In the winter, its heated, and in the summer, its air conditioned. They have the option to have fresh air by going through the dog door. Every morning we let them outside to the fenced in yard, leaving the doors open so the dogs can come back to the air controlled area, or eat or drink. Every night, we put the dogs back in and feed them.

The dogs like their kennels, although they do enjoy running around as well. :) In the winter when there's snow, the poodles like to stay and play in it while the Newfoundlands lay in the heated area!

The dogs occasionally come in the house (especially Jazzy), but with 10 people total in the house there isn't much room. :) With the exception of Max and Tess.

Stud Service

The dogs who come for stud service, and stay here overnight, stay in the kennel or house, depending on their size, temperaments, etc. We either let them in the fenced in backyard with the dogs (while keeping an eye on them) or we let them out individually. 

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