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Puppy Information

Waiting List Information/Puppy Selection



Deworming-2 & 4 weeks-pyrantel. 6 & 8 weeks-fenbendazole/metronidazole. 

Vaccines-DAP (distemper, adenovirus, parvo, parainfluenza) at 6 or 8 weeks

Microchip-AKC Reunite Prepaid lifetime enrollment at 7 weeks


ENS (early neurological stimulation) from days 3-16

Introduced to Crate training & potty training on turf/outside

Exposure to baths & blow dry with High Velocity

Introduced to ear cleaning & nail trims

Socialized to other dogs of all sizes (under supervision:) ) 

Socialized to kids from 1 year+

Vet Checks

Vet Check at 6 weeks-see attached image below for checklist

Tails Docked (TOY POODLES ONLY) by vet between 3 & 5 days


AT 8 weeks, not before

Will come home with

AKC registration (toy poodles only)

Can request copies of parents health/genetic testing

1 year congenital health guarantee

Microchip AKC reunite prepaid

Shot Record

6 week Vet health check paper

Transition bag of food



Possible more :)

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