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Guardian Homes

We have a few Guardian Home opportunities. We have requirements that must be met. Please read through this page carefully to understand what a Guardian Home is. 


Must live in Ohio, approx <1 hour from Marshallville, OH (feel free to contact us if outside this distance) transport may be required

What is a Guardian Home? 

A guardian home is an individual/family that takes care of one of our dogs. The age of the dog will vary, some will be adults, some will be a puppy we choose to keep from a litter. These will be high quality dogs, at virtually no cost, but there are requirements that must be met. 

The responsibilities of the Guardian (responsible for these bills, just like a regular companion):

-let us know when the dog is in heat (all are females, we don't place males)

-annual vet appointments

-feed Purina ProPlan food (not the cheapest, but it must be fed)

-use specific flea/heartworm prevention 

-be able to transport if necessary

---be able to meet for testing

-basic training: obedience, crate

-appropriate exercise for their age  

-deposit may be required, will be fully returned at transfer of ownership

-!!not permitted to spay the dog, will have costly consequences

-!!costly consequences if the dog happens to get pregnant in the guardians care

Our responsibilities & costs:

-complete/arrange health testing

-breeding fees

-at retirement (typically after 3-4 litters) spay

-return deposit, if necessary

---transfer ownership


-when breeding, the dog will live here for approximately 1 week

-for whelping, the dog will live here from 1 week before the puppies are due till they're 8 weeks old

-microchip & registration (if applicable) will be registered in our name until ownership is transferred

We have a contract that must be signed-each dog will vary 

Breeds/Timeframes for Guardian Homes-

Dogs ages/testing completed all vary. Contact us for more information

Complete the Guardian Home Application. There is no deposit to apply to be a guardian (see current Guardian list on the Waiting List page)

Click here if the application doesn't work.

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