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About the Farm

At Windy Hill Farm we have various types of animals. This really makes an impact on the puppies that are raised here. They are used to lots of different noises and animals, which boosts their confidence. 

On the farm we have sheep. Our ram is Merino and a few of the ewes are part Merino, the others are mixed. Lambs are born in the spring, usually February-April. They have 1-3 lambs. 

We only have one goat right now, Jempsen an Alpine. She may have kids in the future. She acts lieka  sheep since she grew up with them and doesn't really like other goats. 

We have lots of chickens here. Many different breeds: Easter Egger, Rhode Island Red, Buff Orpington, Welsummer, Olive Egger, Green Queen, Cream Leg Bar, White Leghorn, Splash Maran, Blur Ameraucana. They give us numerous eggs each day all colors: white, tan, brown, pink, green, blue. speckled and all in between. The dogs love the fresh eggs and eat them whole. 

One pony lives here, a gelding that was born in 2021.

About Windy Hill Dogs

We started breeding dogs in 2016. Our first ones were Ben & Mazee, Great Pyrenees, in November 2015. They had a litter in April 2016. Then we started breeding Newfoundlands, Poodles & Newfypoos. Our first litter of Newfypoos were born June 2016. We introduced minis in 2020. 

All our dogs are genetic AND health tested. This means they have been genetically tested (dna) to make sure they aren't affected by any diseases and to be aware if they're carriers. They have OFA certifications as well. For hips either OFA or PennHip, OFA elbows, OFA cardiac (by cardiologist). Poodles & Newfypoos have OFA eyes by ophthalmologist, and OFA patellas for the small breeds. All our purebreds are AKC registered. 

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